The debating society at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre has proven to be very popular this year, and on Monday 23rd April two teams travelled to Tuxford Academy to compete in an inter-academy debate competition.

In addition to the two HSFC teams, Tuxford Academy also entered a team, and a new ‘scratch team’ was created at the competition by adding one student from each participating academy.

Motions proposed during the three rounds of the competition ranged from education to politics, and included debates on if there is more to education than exam results, whether private schools should be abolished, and if the voting age should be lowered to 16.

In a very interesting evening of debate, students demonstrated real skill at building their arguments, providing well considered points of view, and confidently speaking about their own position on each motion demonstrating real debating strength, knowledge and adaptation ability.

After the scores were totted up, the judges ultimately awarded the competition to the scratch team who had been pulled together just two hours previously! The clinching factor was their ability to listen not only to the other team’s arguments, but also to each other, pulling together incredibly well-rounded and comprehensive argument.

A massive well done to all of the students for their participation – the next competition will feature teams all put together on the night, so that we can focus on those listening and thinking-on-your-feet skills which are so important, and which all of our students demonstrated in abundance.