Self-isolation could not get in the way of Holgate Academy recognising its very best students.

Those who had previously missed out on the first rewards event, due to a need to self-isolate, finally received their just rewards when they returned to the academy and were invited on to the school field to spend time relaxing with friends, playing games with each other and enjoying a very well deserved down-time session in the sunshine.

The students had qualified for this event through their consistent effort towards the eight weekly reward draws. This involved a different focus each week, including such things as 100% attendance, 0 negative points and even achieving 80 positive points in a single week! Those students who met the criteria over each of the eight weeks were invited to the afternoon celebration. This is a massive achievement by these students and it was a privilege to be able to reward them.

The student’s behaviour during the afternoon was exemplary – every student using perfect manners and joining in with the activities that their peers were enjoying and all with a smile on their face.

The students could not have behaved any better. It was a fantastic atmosphere that we felt honoured to be part of.

The PosRe (Positive Reinforcement) Team will be continuing to reward the behaviour of our students in ways like this and we really hope that we begin to see more and more students attending these events based on their manners, determination and teamwork.

Well done, again, to all of the students involved.