As we reach the end of a very busy half term, we continue to reflect across the Academy on British values and their importance in our everyday lives.  Each week, students are encouraged to consider and embody those values that are the very foundation of a fair and just society, and that enable us to create a positive school community for everyone.

This half term, students have undertaken a project to design a poster in this respect, and we have been very impressed with the thought and effort they have put in.  Their work has demonstrated a clear understanding of what those values are and why they are so important, and their creativity has been impressive!

Our new awards for both students and staff, Holgate Honours, have taken place and it’s been very uplifting to see that a total of 604 people (students and staff) have taken the trouble to nominate people who they feel are making a positive difference to our Academy community.  Some of the comments written in the nominations have certainly highlighted how many outstanding young people and dedicated staff we have here, and I am proud of each one of them. Congratulations to the category winners:  Mr Nambo (support staff), Jayden B (student) and Mr Randall (teaching staff).

Thoughts for many parents/carers and students will now inevitably turn to the rapidly approaching exams. Every second of every school day now becomes even more important for students, and we want to ensure that your child gets the most from each and every lesson.  As I have mentioned previously, we have seen a real improvement in attendance, and we thank you for your support in helping us achieve that.  Please continue to work with us going forward, and together we will ensure that your child gets every opportunity to do their very best.

We are Holgate!

Mr Pennington