Dear parents/carers,

Following the Queen’s funeral and the shortened week, visits to lessons have seen lots of great effort and engagement.

Our staff are very focused on raising the determination of our students. No matter what subject and what ability in that subject, students should be giving their all so that they can make as much progress as possible.

Most pupils have adhered perfectly to uniform and punctuality expectations but to avoid removal from timetabled lessons pupils must be on site for 8.40am at the very latest and must be wearing their full uniform. Piercings are limited to two stud earrings and whilst we appreciate our firmer approach is a change for pupils we are unable to make concessions on this.

Years 7, 8 and 9 have all completed baseline tests in exam conditions which will allow our staff to use with future planning of lessons. A high level of determination was evident and our students were able to experience exam conditions.

On Thursday, Mr Mills and other staff supervised our football teams in an inaugural event at Hucknall Town FC which culminated with a staff match. We hope this will form the start of an exciting partnership with Hucknall Town and was further evidence of the strong manners, determination and teamwork ethos instilled in our footballers by the staff who volunteer to run the football clubs at Holgate.

This week we are looking forward to our year 6 open evening. We have had some great feedback from parents since the start of term in recognition that we are improving as a school. We remain firm on repeated disruptive, harmful and disrespectful behaviour and students will not be able to attend mainstream lessons if sanction and support does not have the desired effect.

Mr Pennington