Dear parents and carers,

Students enjoyed coming back to school after the two-week half term last week and life at Holgate was quickly back into full speed ahead with lessons and after school clubs in full flow.

As always we are starting the half term with continuous encouragement of our MDT (manners, determination, teamwork) core values and I would like to highlight that I have chosen Zeko Smith for my MDT Principal Award for half term 1. This boy epitomises good manners and goes out of his way to have positive conversations. He is very diplomatic when he asks me my opinion on Everton FC but that may be because Nottingham Forest are not winning much! I am hoping both teams get a run of form during this next half term!

I have focused my lesson visits on the English department and have been delighted by the determination to learn and the obvious enjoyment with almost all pupils now embracing the increased opportunities to contribute verbally. A particular pupil I would like to pay recognition to is Millie-Rose Priestley. I was especially impressed with the attitude, determination and resultant quality of work from her in her English lesson with Miss Abbott.

This week the pupils who were nominated to be Holgate Achievers as a result of excellent MDT will be enjoying a rewards event. They will be having a silent disco which in addition to rewarding these brilliant students will boost confidence and develop dancing skills!

We are Holgate!

Mr Pennington