The future of sports technology could soon be in the hands of our students at The Holgate Academy.

Goal line, video assistance referee (VAR) and other technical wizardry increasingly plays a part in professional football and other sports.

Our year 10 and 11 students have signed up for the ‘Think Big’ programme. The joint project by Nottingham Forest Football Club and Nottingham-based international software company Ideagen encourages secondary school students to think about careers in software and technology.

Students will enjoy one-hour workshops, group challenge activities and being shown first-hand how technology is part of a Premier League football ground’s day-to-day operations. The programme looks to inspire young people’s interest in hi-tech and software careers, with workshops delivered in secondary schools.

Assistant Principal Mrs McKenna said: “Our aim is to inspire, inform and support young people to imagine and plan their future careers.

“Over the coming years students will be involved in a range of workshops in their Futures lessons, to develop their understanding of careers in technology.”

Freddy, from year 11, said: “It was really interesting and I am interested to hear more.”

For further information about the Think Big programme click this link.

There’s more on our academy’s careers service (which has a ‘Quality in Careers Standard’ mark) on our website at this link.