As part of our partnership with the widening participation team at Nottingham Trent University we were invited to take a group of year 9 students on a campus tour and discovery day. The day involved at the start of the day the student met student ambassadors from a range of courses, they were asked to rate how keen they were on the idea of going to university. About half of the students scored themselves 3 or below suggesting they would not consider it as an option.

The day then centred around answering 2 key questions; How global is NTU? And what are the benefits of university? The students planned where they needed to go around the campus to find the answers to the questions and then were taken around by the student ambassadors. They interviewed students and staff meeting a wide range of people from different backgrounds.

In the afternoon they worked as a team to plan a presentation to the rest of the group. The students did this exceptionally well. The students were a credit to the school asking brilliant questions, behaving impeccably and showing high degrees of confidence in approaching people to interview them.

By the end of the day the students were asked to rate how likely they were to consider university an option and only 7 said they would not consider it. If any parents would like any further information about university as an option for their child please contact Mrs McKenna at the school, who will be happy to arrange a parent session with representatives from the university.